Silk sarees, the 9 yards (or 6 yards now) of beauty can do wonders to a women body. They are vibrant, colourful and eye catching no matter which shade you wear. Every woman’s wardrobe has a special place for silk sarees.

From Kancheepuram to Banarasi , from Tussar to Kota, silk sarees comes in various weaves and patterns.  Irrespective of type of silk, they all unanimously makes a women feel special.

This gorgeous piece of clothing should be worn with proper style in order to make the most out of it.  You can get plenty of ideas by simply seeing how our celebrities drape these sarees.

Choosing the right silk saree color, pairing it with right blouse, accessories, make up, and hairstyle are some of the aspects which when done properly will make a dramatic difference when you wear silk sarees.